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buying herbs, essential oils, hydrosols and extracts

selling herbs, essential oils, hydrosols and extracts


Supplying fresh or dried Herbs, Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Herbal Extracts.

We have a network of producers, growers and distillers throughout the globe and can offer you the herb, essential oil, hydrosol or extract prepared to meet your exact requirements.
We specialise in hard to find herbs and work closely with our producers and growers to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We can arrange shipping, storage and in some cases a “call off service” over an agreed period of time.

For Dried Herbs:
We can help to ensure that the herbs ordered are picked and immediately taken to approved drying rooms and placed on food grade drying racks. Drying is closely monitored and slightly raised temperatures for the first 24 hrs to ensure a good retention of natural colour.

Essential Oils:
We help to ensure that Essential oils are extracted or distilled at the correct temperature. The extraction equipment has been thoroughly cleaned to remove traces of previous oils (This of course is essential when varying oils are extracted through the same machinery)

Are quickly becoming more popular and many stills have not upgraded their processing and storage facilities to prevent contamination of this wonderful yet volatile liquid.

CO2 Extraction:
We are very excited by this technology and have been monitoring various projects across the globe.

We are able to offer regular clients a completely transparent dealing process where all costs including our handling fees and commissions are visible.

We are committed to the environment and demand ethical dealing from our producers, growers and distillers ensuring we are always able to supply the finest naturally produced product possible.

You are required to register your company with us before submitting any enquiries (this will only need to be done once). We will provide you with login details to be used when submitting enquiries and requests. Please click here to register