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buying herbs, essential oils, hydrosols and extracts

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Buying / Purchasing of Herbs, Essential Oils, Hydrosols or Herbal Extracts

We offer an immediate supply of many Herbs, Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Herbal Extracts through our global network of producers, growers and distillers.

  • We are able to arrange direct shipping or consolidate shipments to reduce costs.
  • Provide quality samples and Lab reports.
  • Provide copies of Organic certificates where applicable.
  • In many cases provide full traceability from seed origin to final product.

We are able to offer regular clients a completely transparent dealing process where all costs including our handling fees and commissions are visible.

We are committed to the environment and demand ethical dealing from our producers, growers and distillers ensuring we are always able to supply the finest naturally produced product possible.

You are required to register your company with us before submitting any enquiries (this will only need to be done once). We will provide you with login details to be used when submitting enquiries and requests. Please click here to register