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Herb & Essential Oil Trading Company

Welcome to –  HEOTCHerb & Essential Oil Trading Company, we operate in the Global market, trading in fresh & dried Herbs, Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Herbal Extracts.

These product are all naturally grown, we can  offer Organic or Self Certified as required.

HEOTC operates from the Isle of Man allowing us many advantages when importing goods into both UK and the rest of the EU.  The Isle of Man is retained “Free Port Status” and this too is at our disposal.

Buyers / Purchasing
We offer two services to businesses / organisation looking to purchase Herbs, Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Extracts:

  • Immediate Supply  – We are able to meet your  immediate supply needs using our global network of producers and distillers . Click here for more

  • Sourcing Service  – We offer products processed to meet your exact need, which can be supplied as a “call off” or on an ongoing basis. We are also able to help create new growing / extraction plants to meet new or changing market trends. more…

Producers / Growers / Distillers
We are always very excited to make contact with a producer or distiller across the globe . We can offer assistance on expanding your marketplace keeping you in touch with global demands and high value yields. Click here for more

We also offer assistance with some of the new extracting processes and are proactively encouraging solar energy.  One of our new projects involves solar powered CO2 extractors