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Mission Statement

HEOTC – Herb & Essential Oil Trading Company operates in the Global market, trading in fresh and dried herbs for medicinal, aromatic and culinary uses, and pure essential oils.

HEOTC – pronounced [Hee – Ow –Tee-See]  which is now being recognised as meaning ‘Dealings that are above board, up front and fair’!

We carry forward the belief that herbs were given to mankind to ensure health and wellbeing of all. We adopt an open and ethical approach in all our dealing ensuring fair trading. Our aims are to encourage small scale development and actively support and encourage natural herb growing throughout the globe.

We self certify all our suppliers to ensure our ethical and natural growing policies are adhered to.

Transparent Dealing
We offer a completely transparent approach when dealing with all our established clients, openly disclosing origins and a complete breakdown of costs including our profit.

Certified Organic  / Our Self Certification
We can supply herbs from Organically Certified farms or can arrange certification where necessary. Our own self certification ensures that our supplying farms and growers adopt a natural approach in their use of fertilizers and pesticides.  We also offer practical advice on the use of herbal pesticides and deterrents.

Wild Herb Harvesting
We actively promote the gathering and selling of wild herbs.
There are still many herbs that are found growing in wild unfarmed areas these are picked by hand and are generally free from pesticides. Wild herbs can provide a sustainable livelihood to individual and small communities in under developed regions.