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Herbal Medicine Week 18th to 26th June

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The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) announces Herbal Medicine Week 2011 to take place from 18th to 26th June.

Herbal Medicine Week is an annual event that showcases herbal medicine through a programme of activities open to the general public.  As well as herbal walks (including the very popular walks on Midsummer’s Eve) there are practical workshops, information displays and free drop-in advice clinics. 

The programme is available on-line here

Commenting on this year’s Herbal Medicine Week NIMH President Desiree Shelley said:

“2011 is a momentous year for herbal medicine in the United Kingdom with the government’s announcement in January that medical herbalists will receive statutory regulation as authorised healthcare professionals. It is against this backdrop that NIMH members are organising a cornucopia of events and activities to inform the public about herbs and herbal medicine and stimulate interest in the various ways herbal medicine might be able to help them.  Everyone is welcome to our programme of activities and we look forward to meeting as many people as possible”.

Dee Atkinson, NIMH PR Director also commented:  “There are many misconceptions about herbal medicine, and Herbal Medicine Week is a chance for ordinary people to find out more about this fascinating subject directly from medical practitioners themselves.  To become a recognised medical herbalist NIMH members have to undergo three years university training coupled with Continuing Professional Development.  NIMH members are (very) expert professionals and Herbal Medicine Week represents a rare opportunity to meet them informally in a variety of settings and learn from their expertise.”

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