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Capsicum frutescens | Premium Quality dried Kenyan Bird’s Eye Chilies

Common Names:
Bird’s Eye Chili, Bird’s Eye Chilli, African Birdseye, Peri peri, Piri piri
Latin Name:
Capsicum frutescens
Premium Quality dried Kenyan Bird’s Eye Chilies, without stems.
Grown from certified seed under well controlled Good Agricultural
Practices (GAP) and centrally processed, applying Good Hygienic Practices. 

 Capsicum frutescens | Birds-eye-chili @

Prior to the start of the drying process, the chilies undergo a pasteurization process in order to assure all vegetative micro-cells are destroyed.

Finished product is fully traceable up to individual farm level, including harvesting date. Product complies with European food safety requirements (EU Food Law). The quality management system is based on the requirements defined for ISO 9000 and supplemented with ISO 22000 as the Food Safety Management Approach.

The intended use of the product is in preparations for cooking.

Packaging: Packed in 30 kg gunny bag with PE lining. Traceability code on each individual bag.

Storing conditions: Store under cool and dry conditions, away from direct sunlight and/or source of heat.

Physical and chemical specifications:

Appearance: Whole chilies, without stalk

Colour: Dark red

Flavour: Strong, typical of chilies

Odour: Strong, typical of chilies

Pungency: 120,000 – 220.000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)

Moisture: ≤ 12.0% AW: < 0.6

Food Processing Requirements:

E. Coli: n=5,c=2, m=100 cfu/g, M= 1000 cfu/g

Salmonella: n=5,c=0, M=0: absence in 25 g

Aflatoxine: B1 < 5 ppb, Σ (B1 + B2 + G1 + G2) < 10 ppb

Pesticides default MRL of non specified pesticides of 0,01 mg/kg applies

Regulatory compliance: Product complies with Commission Regulation (EC) on Microbiological Criteria for Foodstuffs No 2073.2005 and Commission Regulation 2001/466/EG on Setting Maximum Levels

for certain Contaminants in Foodstuffs.

Commission Directive 98/53/EC on sampling methods is also applicable.

Shelf life: Minimum 12 months from packaging date in original package.

Available as:

Other: Dried Fruit

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